Many highly regarded projects have been successfully completed by Society members researching, recording and promoting aspects of the rich local history in the form of interpretation panels, DVDs, books, photographs, brochures and exhibitions.   These include:

Fugar, Washingwell and Watergate – A Hidden Heritage (interpretation  panel, DVD and brochure)

The Butterfly Bridge – Crossing the Generations (three interpretation panels, DVD and brochure)

Crowley Mill No 1, and the Industrial Revolution (documented account)

Lotties Wood – Bell Pit site (interpretation panel and brochure)

Like Carrying Coals to Newcastle – The Story of the Tanfield Way (book* with DVD)

Tommy Armstrong – The Pitman Poet (1848-1920) (two books** and DVD)

D’Arcy He Answered the Call (DVD)

Byermoor, Marley Hill and Sunnside (book*)

The Turnpike Road – Sunnside, Marley Hill and Byermoor (book*)

Burnhope and the Turnpike Road Revisited (book*)

* out of print available at Whickham local library

** available from Tommy Armstrong Society