Occupants of Fugar House

Census records are variable and I have not been able to identify Fugar House on all of them. This is because some enumerators have not identified particular houses. However, in summary and according to my evidence, this house has been in multiple occupancy throughout its history


1841 census – unable to locate

1851 census – a total of 16 people living in Fugar House who can be identified as follows (for reasons shown below I have not included the Dunn family in this calculation):

1) Eleanor Storey, widow of an agricultural labourer pauper

Jane Davison, daughter widow of quarryman pauper + Jane’s two daughters

2) William Charlton, Market gardener, his wife and two daughters

3) George Swinburne, Railway labourer + wife and two children

4) William Dunn, Farmer, his wife, 10 children and a servant (*see entry for 1861 census.)

5) Thomas Temple, agricultural labourer + wife.

1861 census

1)George Swinburne, his wife and 4 children

2)Elizabeth Charlton, widow, market gardener and two daughters

*There is an additional entry for Fugar House Farm. This implies that the entry for William Dunn in the 1851 census was incorrectly enumerated. William Dunn is here described as a farmer farming 170 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy

1871 census

No distinction between properties – all identified simply as ‘Whickham’. I have located George Swinburn here, now classed as a railway inspector but there is no clue as to where he is living. I also searched for William Dunn to see if that would provide a clue but he moved to Houghton le Spring and is classed as a retired farmer.

1881 census

Enumerated as Fugar Houses.  No Fugar House as such (* but see 1901 and 1911 census return).

1)William Routledge, mason, wife and five children

2)Hannah Forster, widow, dressmaker and three children

3)John Doran, colliery labourer, wife and seven children

4) George Eltringham, railway labourer, wife and two children

1891 census

Not possible to locate accurately from enumerator’s description

1901 census

Entries shown as Fugar Houses on either side of Fugar Bar.  No specifically named Fugar House. However, as some of the names correspond to those in the 1911 census, my conclusion is that these entries do refer to Fugar House.

William Rutledge, his wife and 4 children

Jane Doran, widow + 2 children and a boarder

Richard Maddick, wife and 9 children

1911 census

Jane Doran, widow and family (6 people) 4 rooms

Elizabeth Rutledge, widow and family (6 people) 3 rooms

Richard Meddick, coalminer, wife and 6 children 4 rooms

1939 register

Joseph, Margaret and Herbert Jackson

Alfred and Elsie Douglas